PV Module with inbuilt intelligence


Jakson's Smart Module is compact and rugged cost effective unique solar power solution which directly charges your existing inverter battery system of any reputed make.

Module with inbuilt intelligence (custom designed for Indian Conditions with German Technology) Charges Battery during day time using solar energy with or without any Grid Power. It result in 30% electricity saving.

It charges the battery / batteries with regulated voltage at maximum rated current for optimum output.

Why Jakson Smart Module 


  • Solar to battery charging efficiency is > 95%, delivers maximum power from Smart Module to battery
  • Cost Saving - Charge your existing batteries directly from solar energy
  •  Suitable for any reputed make of battery from 75Ah to 200Ah (12V/24V)
  •  Can be connected in parallel to increase charging rate
  •  Get your money back in less than 3.5 years i.e. free electricity for next 20 years
  •  Can operate under extreme temperature (-25ºC – 85ºC)
  • IP 65 junction box
  • Prefabricated cables /structure for easy installation and maintenance
  • Advantage of using Jakson Smart Module