The availability of clean and cost efficient energy for building operations is indispensable, especially during power outages. Our turnkey rooftop PV solutions customized for each unique requirement not only provide reliable power for the facilities, they also make a valuable contribution to reduce your carbon footprint. Jakson offers superior design and EPC competencies to suit all kinds of Indian roofs including tiled, flat or pitched. Offering all services from a single source including supply of high quality equipment, EPC and O&M services Jakson has become a trustful partner for many customers.

How Do You Benefit From A Solar Rooftop?

  • Beat rising energy costs

Fluctuating energy cost exposes your company to unnecessary financial risks. Solar energy protects you from the risk of this volatility

  • You generate your own electricity

You get highest quality clean energy and Your dependence on the grid power becomes limited since you generate your own power, that too free of cost

  • Sustainability

Solar becomes a solid foundation for your sustainability program. It also gives you long term financial benefits

  • It contributes to energy efficiency

Solar Panels prevent direct incidence of heat on the roof surface, mitigating the heat island effect keeping your building cool

  • It is flexible & scalable

Jakson’s rooftop solution is highly flexible and customized to unique requirements of each customer. So whether you have a flat roof, a pitched tiled or a tin roof we have a solution to suit every type

  • Solar solution is for everyone

Almost anyone- a homeowner, a commercial or industrial organization can benefit from solar energy

  • Solar Energy Is Practical & Profitable

Going solar reduces costs and can even generate a new revenue stream through the concept of net metering