Increasing power cost, the need for greater efficiency and sustainability are driving the demand for cleaner solutions that allow for rapid deployment and all- terrain capability. Jakson Mobile Solar Generators are ideally designed to meet these challenges offering exceptional reliability and consistent performance for your most demanding projects regardless of their scale, location or environment.

Mobile Solar Generator is a compact power unit capable of delivering uninterrupted clean power. Ranging from 12.5KW to 25KW peak power output the Solar Generator is a quickly deployable, ready to use, factory assembled all weather solar power station. It is designed to meet the reliability, durability and efficiency required in off-grid locations. The product comes pre-fitted with PV Modules, Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) and Battery Bank along with DC Combiner Box and Auto Mains Failure (AMF) Panel. Depending on the requirement, a DG set can also be integrated with the system facilitating facilitates uninterrupted 24 x 7 power to the user. During use, the PV surface extends beyond the container to capture maximum solar energy. The structure can also be dismantled and stored inside the container ensuring safety during transportation. A compartmentalized section of the enclosure can be utilized as an operator room or to house diesel generating sets.

Why Choose a Containerized Solar Generator?


  • Ready to use Mobile Solar Power System
  • 24x 7 availability of power
  • Easy Installation with minimal set-up time with No civil work
  • Easily Transportable and Redeployable
  • Collapsible Module Mounting Structures
  • Easily integrates with Grid Supply and Generators
  • Compact and robust design
  • Internal space with a provision for accommodation/site office
  • Optional compartment for DG Set
  • Completely Customized