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    Use Of Solar Energy
    Paving The Way For Greener Future
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    Solar Energy
    Energy For Better Tomorrow
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    Jakson Solar
    Products That Last Long

About Us

Jakson has always been in forefront to promote the use of solar energy in day-to-day consumption. Resulting which we forayed not only in retail solar products but also into solar ower generation. Over the years we have delivered projects ranging upto 100 Mega Watts and looking forward to deliver even bigger projects. Also our retail range of products have brought a great delight to the customers. We constantly keep on innovating to deliver products for future.

Our Feature Products & Solutions

Why Choose Us

For the last seven decades, we have been emPowering People with our expertise in power solutions and solar has taken this purpose to a new level of sustainability. So whether you wish to set up a utility scale power plant, get a solar rooftop or own solar products, Jakson delivers a diversified expertise to customize a solar energy solution that fits your needs.

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